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PacifiCAD is dedicated to successful implementation of the advanced technologies that your business requires. As a Premier Authorized Gold Partner and an AIA Continuing Education Systems Provider with Authorized Training Centers we are focused on providing you with the finest in world-class technologies, supplemental services, and overall customer experience.

Our mantra, “Customer is King”, is more than just a marketing tag line. We strive to offer the most advanced technology and provide outstanding customer service. PacifiCAD pledges that every interaction with our team will be a professional and valuable experience.

PacifiCAD has been serving Engineering, Design, Construction, and Manufacturing Professionals in the Pacific and Mountain Northwest United States for more than 26 years. As an award-winning solutions provider and Autodesk channel partner since 1990, we are changing the game in terms of what you generally expect. We have evolved from the traditional Autodesk Reseller model through our 26 years serving the industry because our proven track record shows that a holistic approach best serves our customer's needs.

PacifiCAD does more than sell software, we are a solutions provider. Bringing you advanced technologies and technical expertise is crucial to our goal of providing you with successful implementation and utilization of the significant investments that you make in your business computing systems. In other words we offer technology and services that provide capacity to address all of the interrelated elements of your engineering, design, and IT systems. Our highly competent team of seasoned professionals are committed to your successful integration of leading edge computer aided technologies. With regional staff managing our offices in Seattle, Spokane, Boise, and Bozeman, we are dedicated to providing world-class technology and services to the Pacific Northwest region and beyond.

PacifiCAD’s holistic business model provides you a one-stop shop for the very best Computer Aided Design & Engineering and IT Management Services available anywhere. We guarantee the expertise and knowledge that gets you the most value from your software investments. Thank you for considering PacifiCAD as your solutions provider. Our customer service is unmatched; absolutely the best you will find anywhere. We look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate the ways in which PacifiCAD can help your company grow!

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