Start your Career with PacifiCAD

PacifiCAD presents a direct reflection of our valued employees and their undying commitment to bringing our customers the very best in advanced technology, customer service, technical support, and supplemental services that fully engage our customers and build upon their already significant successes. Every one of our employees is experienced, talented, and deeply committed to our customers’ success and contributes directly to our company’s ongoing growth and success.

Our mission:

Building high trust relationships. Delivering value. Empowering client success.

PacifiCAD has been providing the very best in technology products and services to the Engineering, Design, Construction, and Manufacturing industries throughout the Pacific and Mountain Northwest for 26 years with four regional offices in Seattle, Spokane, Boise, and Bozeman. If you are interested in joining our exclusive team of outstanding individuals we would like very much to hear from you. We are always seeking experienced and talented individuals to help us in our ongoing growth and to help us deliver the very best products and services to our customers.

Being a team member at PacifiCAD offers:

  • Working with an outstanding group of seasoned professionals
  • A fast paced and exciting workplace
  • Staying at the leading edge of engineering and design technology
  • The satisfaction of providing world-class products and services to customers
  • A wonderful, fun group of individuals to work with

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Bozeman, MT

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