Manufacturers in today's globally competitive marketplace need more than buzzwords to succeed. You need design software to create customized products, a data management solution for optimizing investment in that data, and industry-specific solutions tailored to meet your business challenges. With a full line of SOLIDWORKS solutions, PacifiCAD brings you the best products and services to help you create, manage, and share design data across the entire manufacturing process, bringing better-quality products to market faster.




PacifiCAD now serves Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Alaska with SOLIDWORKS solutions, coupled with a strong team of engineering, design, simulation, process automation, and programming professionals. In addition to its expertise in manufacturing solutions, PacifiCAD will  provide training, consulting services and additional services and support for SOLIDWORKS Solutions.

Software solutions available online or speak with a knowledgeable team member. Check out our calendar for a list of upcoming events, webinars and classes.