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Plant Solution Tools & Services
PlantTools are a family of different programs for Autodesk’s Plant Solution products. PlantTools will be con-tinuously updated and additional programs will be developed to fit the needs of the customers.acplant-logo
The development is done in close partnership with Autodesk, to guarantee continuous development. Furthermore this ensures that the PlantTools work in accordance with the concepts of the Autodesk Plant Solution products. The same applies to the integration of the PlantTools into the Autodesk Plant Solution products.

The emphasis of the PlantTools is on Data-Management, whereas Autodesk puts the emphasis on CAD. However, a plant project typically involves a lot of people who have to and want to work with the data. Those tasks are varying between projects and companies.

Typical project needs solved by using PlantTools include:

  • Generating arbitrary reports, lists and data sheets
  • Data input and editing outside the drawings
  • Integration of existing databases and data with the data of the drawings
  • General Ex-/Import of data
The PlantTools consist of:

PlantCenter Boxshot-PlantCenter-2012 
  • Central handling of PlantTools
  • Starts PlantTools and AutoCAD P&ID
  • Integrated Viewer (DWG TrueView and Autodesk Design Review)
  • user rights management
PlantReporter  PlantReporter-2012
  • Generation of arbitrary lists, reports or spec sheets
  • Output directly to a printer or as PDF
  • Other export formats are Excel, Text, RTF, HTML and picture formats (TIFF, JPG, BMP)
  • Integration in other programs (e.g. SAP). If required PlantReporter runs in the background
  • No AutoCAD P&ID needed on the workstation
  • Integrated Viewer (DWG TrueView and Autodesk De-sign Review)
  • No AutoCAD P&ID needed on the workstation for editing data.

  • Editing data which have been created by means of AutoCAD P&ID drawings
  • The same Views as used in AutoCAD P&ID are available (user defined views too)
  • Data can be edited in a spread sheet mode or like a spec sheet
  • Taking over the edited data by means of a plug-in of PlantDataManager in AutoCAD P&ID
  • Colored representation of the changes
  • Shows changes in all classes, not just one like in AutoCAD P&ID

  • Transfer of AutoCAD P&ID settings/configurations from project to project
  • Transfer to one, multiple or all projects
  • Transfer of parts or the complete configuration
  • Setting for different transfers can be handled
  • PlantSync can be started from other programs also