Graitec Advance Steel

Graitec Advanced Steel
Advance Steel® accelerates the modeling phase allowing a multi-user environment for large projects. Advance Steel also offers extensive libraries of automatic joints and specific tools for stairs and railings. Workshop and general arrangement drawings are automatically generated using intelligent tools to control dimensions and labels as well as required views.

With a short learning curve, inexperienced users can easily create, manage, and modify complex 3D models and all associated drawings with incomparable productivity. Advance Steel® is part of the GRAITEC structural BIM solution and provides data exchanges with graitec-diagramAutodesk Revit as well as all major industry file formats: IFC, CIS/2, SDNF, PSS, KISS. Automated features and macros enable quick modeling of miscellaneous steel such as handrails, stairs, cage ladders, spiral staircases, etc.

Users can also use proprietary shape profiles and specifications within the macro: the stringer type, stair pan, railing, elbows at the end, mid rails / vertical pickets. Various types of connections can be user defi ned or automatically generated. The stair model carries full parametric technology, hence any modifi cation (length, width, angle, etc.) can also modify the environment such as the handrails for example. A defined stair can be saved as “Model” in a library. This way it can be easily reused and eventually modified in any similar project.

  • Create a 3D BIM model within minutes
  • Generate all drawings & documentation automatically
  • Create bills of material and NC files
  • BIM technology
  • Sheet metal
Advance Steel breaks free of AutoCAD
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Create Your Buildings in Minutes with Advanced Steel
Joint Grouping and Naming
Navigation through a 3D model - Curved pedestrian bridge by PKD
New automatic joints for purlins
Spiral stairs macro enhancements
Stairs and railing movie
Tension rods enhancements

Advance Steel® is part of the GRAITEC structural BIM solution, automating the entire structural design process, from engineering design to detailing and fabrication.

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