PacifiCAD is dedicated to helping you succeed.  We offer consulting services where we can help determine where there are areas of improvement within your current company & processes.  The best way to start is to do a Site Assessment.  In a Site Assessment, we break down each factor into separate pieces and allow you to determine what you what you would like us to examine.  The areas are broken down into the User, Workflow and Infrastructure Assessment.  If you don’t need an assessment, and only would like help on specific items, please feel free to contact us and we can tailor a plan to best fit your needs. We are always available to help consult with you for any of your design / engineering challenges.

The Site Assessment or any of the sub groups will produce reports showing suggested areas of focus, and our recommendations on how to improve your current operations.  This also allows you to approach senior management with a structured document showing the issues and resolutions to mitigate them. 

If you already know the areas you would like to focus on we still ask for a short discovery process to be brought up to speed on internal use and configuration.  We have a wide variety of individual consulting areas shown here to the left that might be of interest.  If it is a complete implementation of Vault, Upgrades of any pieces of software, or custom training, or any others please contact us to help determine how we can help you, and we can build a customized package that addresses your needs and desires. 

We have all the training, knowledge and tools to help your company succeed


We offer personalized support for all your software and technical needs. Contact us for more information and learn how we can help your company thrive.