CAD/BIM Management

CAD Managers can be a designer that has the most experience with the software in use, or a person from the IT group that has some CAD experience to a full time Manager of a team that implements the full range of complex software and systems required by engineering teams.  Wherever you fall in this range there are always demands on your time, and very often projects requiring short timeframes to implement.  Let PacifiCAD augment your team when necessary.  We can provide full service, or ala-carte from many different areas that might be demanding your attention.

Ultimately we want you to be successful in your core business – engineering the final product.  Let us help with our core focus of setup and operation of the software toolsets, and achieve the most value out of the products you have purchased to support your engineering team.  We will typically start with a capability assessment as well as a business process review to ensure we are focused on providing the highest value towards your business goals, and then execute on any of the required tasks below.

Update Drawing Templates

  • Your company standards
  • Industry Standards (AIA, NCS, ASME, ISO, Etc.)
Standardization/Creation of Libraries

  • Block/Symbol Libraries
  • Programming Libraries
  • Other routinely needed objects
  • Creation of Palettes, Design Center Content, or Ribbon entities
  • For Revit/Civil 3d/Inventor – we would create Families, Part Libraries, or Content Center items as necessary by the vertical platform


Setting up Software Deployments

  • Stock out of the box
  • Customized to your business model/standards
  • Trouble shooting of failed deployments
  • Interfacing to the IT group on a variety of methods to reduce end user downtime
Help with Enterprise Level Standardization

  • CAD Specific Network Folders & Structure
  • Determine Work flow best practice scenario
  • Vault Implementation and configuration
  • Aras PLM implementation and configuration
Classic Menu Conversion

  • CUI Ribbons
  • Tool Palettes

  • Updating of old routines
  • Workarounds to Product Native commands
  • Custom programming based on your needs
Review/Implementation of current industry published automation aids

  • Software you own but currently do not use to full capacity
  • Application add-ons available from Autodesk App Store


The list above is just a starting point of what we can do to help you. If you have any questions or specific tasks you need assistance with, please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss them with you.