Capability Analysis

Site Assessment

Our goal in performing formal assessments is to identify opportunities for your company to do its work more efficiently, thereby lowering your costs and giving you time to take on additional work and/or produce higher quality results with the same resources.  The Site Assessment is a combination of all three listed below and is the most comprehensive.

Through any of the assessments below, we interview key people in your company to gain an understanding of how your organization functions and how your design team fits into its workflows. We look at how data moves into, through, and out of your CAD department for ways to streamline and automate those processes. We look at how your technical staff uses its CAD applications to see if we can find ways to enhance their proficiency with those tools. 

When we've completed our study, we present you with a detailed written report of our findings, which includes specific recommendations on how you can improve the efficiency of your CAD department and streamline its interactions with clients, subcontractors, and other departments.

If you don’t need an assessment, and only would like help on specific items, please feel free to contact us and we can tailor a plan to best fit your needs. We are always available to help consult with you for any of your design/engineering challenges.

Workflow Assessment

Workflows in an organization need review and change on occasion for continuous improvement.  Many companies are stuck saying; ‘because we have always done it that way’, or ‘if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.’  New tools and capabilities are constantly being developed by software makers such as Autodesk. This assessment will review current standards, the industry standards, and your documented processes. 

Software tools are often implemented without change to the underlying workflow and as a result they are underutilized.  Let us help break through to a new process that will take advantage of the tool's power.

User Assessment

User assessments focus on the current skill set levels and understanding of the applications in use.  Training and certification history, including years of use, and knowledge of various commonly used functions will all be evaluated and compiled to help understand the baseline of users.  Next we help develop training plans or education material focused on particular features of the tools that will assist users in their everyday functions.

Hardware & Infrastructure Assessment

A review of your servers and infrastructure is performed to determine if they are properly configured and being put to their best use from a CAD perspective. We look at each of your workstations to determine whether they are properly equipped to run the software, and that any appropriate service packs for each application have been installed. We check to make sure your printers and plotters are up to the tasks you demand of them.  This includes benchmark results to show comparisons to alternative models to help determine the right time to upgrade hardware.

This review will also include technologies such as Cloud services, Vault, Revit Server, and other infrastructure appliances or software technologies that are shown to help collaboration or performance in a larger team setting.