PacifiCAD offers a wide assortment of consulting services to help you maximize your productivity using the software we sell. Beginning with an in-depth "Site Review" of your design practices and procedures, we identify areas of opportunity for high-ROI.  We then lay out a road-map for you to realize these opportunities in a practical time/cost manner.  PacifiCAD will provide à la carte solutions as you see fit.shutterstock_194848142

Site Review process:

  • Interview key design, operations, and management personnel to understand how information moves through your organization and identify opportunities for improving efficiency, reducing costs, eliminating errors, and reducing waste.
  • Inventory your computer equipment to determine what software products are loaded, what service packs have been installed, and whether or not they have certified graphics cards and drivers installed.
  • Prepare a comprehensive report of our findings suitable for making proposals to upper management and detailed budgeting purposes.

Below are typical recommendations from Site Reviews that PacifiCAD can complete for you:

AutoCAD Consulting

  • Custom Programming for efficiency
  • Standard Development
  • Block Library Development
Civil 3D Consulting

  • Requirements Assessment
  • Fast Track to Productivity with Civil 3D
  • Reviews and Project Tracking
Revit Consulting

  • Project Templates
  • Families
  • Import/Export Mapping Files
  • Materials, Object Styles, and Hatch Patterns
Vault Consulting

  • Server Configuration
  • Inventor Project File Configuration
  • Data Import
  • Problem File Resolution
Implementation Services

  • Custom Library Configuration
  • License Manager Configuration
  • Deployment Creation
  • Deployment Customization
  • Software Installation
  • Implementation Training
Software Asset Reporting

  • Perform an installed seat-count per Application Report
  • Network License monitoring tools
  • Setup/configure network license server and files
  • Setup/configure IT asset automated tools
  • Best practices for Autodesk serial number management