Design Process Automation


The Autodesk Developer Network was created for software developers seeking proven tools and technologies to extend Autodesk products and technologies to produce superior design, geospatial, and media & entertainment software solutions. Whether you plan to customize existing Autodesk® software, create a plug-in, or tightly integrate Autodesk technology into your workflow and enterprise, Autodesk is committed to making technology that is accessible to you.

PacifiCAD is a ADN member and reviews software from multiple sources to find high quality options.  We recommend solutions to help our customers achieve more functionality or faster throughput with the software they already own.  We have the capabilities to develop tools based on your needs, or we can recommend Autodesk Apps ( that are currently available in the Autodesk Apps Exchange.  We can help with automating productivity, translation across platforms, and other conversions. We also have capabilities to help do custom programming for use outside of Autodesk products. 

If you need functionality your Autodesk CAD application doesn't provide out of the box, PacifiCAD's resources can write an add-on routine/script that will perform the desired tasks.  Our programmers can write code in LISP (for AutoCAD Based applications), or VBA / .NET for the verticals.  We offer solutions from simple scripts to full API add-ins. 

Please consider any tasks that you do repetitively in your process as potential ideas for automation.  Small pieces of code often save 10-15 minutes with specific solutions, however if you are doing these functions with multiple people multiple times a day, these savings really add up quickly.  If you have any questions or specific tasks you would like to discuss with us, please contact us and we’ll be happy to let you know how we can help and/or what we recommend.