Implementation Services

Software Installation
PacifiCAD can install new CAD applications on your company's network with little or no down time for your users. This includes setting up the licensing system and installation tools on your server and then deploying the software to each CAD workstation where those applications will be used.

As part of this process, we can also do things like set up a library for shared resources (templates, details, materials, etc.) on your network and help you get any custom programs or user interface elements you've developed working with your new software.

Data Management Implementation:

Data Migration and Cleanup
There are many circumstances where you may find you need to modify large numbers of drawings for one reason or another. Perhaps you're moving to a new CAD platform such as Revit or Civil 3D. Maybe you're implementing standards and want to update your existing drawings. Whatever the job entails, we can build custom utilities to perform the necessary task(s) across entire folder trees of drawings. If you have questions about our capabilities in this area or would like to find out more, please contact us so we can discuss your project's requirements.

Custom Programming
If you need functionality your Autodesk CAD application doesn't provide out of the box, PacifiCAD's programmers can write a custom extension for the application that performs the desired tasks. All CAD products have comprehensive programming interfaces that can be tapped into using Visual Basic .NET development tools. Types of applications that can be written include automating complex or repetitive procedures, analyzing drawing information in some way, or exchanging data with other applications.