AutoCAD Customization

User Interface Customization
AutoCAD interface can be tuned in numerous ways to enhance your productivity. Workspaces can be created to reduce screen clutter and put task-specific tools at your fingertips. Tool palettes can be created to speed up drawing constructions tasks and promoteautocad adherence to you company’s CAD standard. Scripts and macros that run groups of commands can be linked to from toolbar buttons and menu items.

Block Library Development
How smart is your block library? With PacifiCAD’s help, you can make your block library more flexible and more intelligent by developing dynamic blocks that have embedded attributes in them. Dynamic blocks allow a single block to do the work of entire families of static blocks, making the process of creating and updating them far more efficient. Attributes allow your blocks to carry a wealth of information that can be extracted from your drawings to do material take-offs, job costing, design analysis, or other similar tasks.

Standards Implementation
Building your drawings in a consistent manner yields a number of benefits. Users can more readily work on each other’s drawings because they don’t have to fiddle with layer, text, and linetype settings each time they get files from their colleagues. Plots come out correctly regardless of where and by whom they are plotted. And standardization is the key that opens the door to automation.

PacifiCAD can help you implement standards in a number of ways. We can develop user interface elements like tool palettes and toolbars that automatically insert entities on the proper layers using the correct line style properties. We can write batch programs to apply new standards to existing drawings within a given folder structure. And we can redefine your blocks so they conform to your standards as well.