Civil 3D Customization

Fast Track to Productivity with Autodesk Civil 3DAutodesk Civil 3D
The way you implement and use design technology can have a powerful effect on your productivity. PacifiCAD not only supplies you with the Software you need, but we deliver support, training and dedicated customer service to improve your efficiency and ultimately, your bottom line.

PacifiCAD Civil 3D Implementation Services
Civil 3D Implementation Services provided by PacifiCAD software experts have been proven through successful completed engagements with a wide range of clients in all AEC disciplines. Experience shows that those who follow our recommended approach will achieve greater success using Civil 3D. PacifiCAD’s Civil 3D Implementation Process consists of the following steps:

Requirements Assessment
To customize an implementation, PacifiCAD will sit down with you to understand your projects, people and processes.

Organization Roundtable
PacifiCAD will set up a roundtable with all the stakeholders from your organization to meet and commit to common goals designed to ensure a successful implementation.

Essentials TrainingAutodesk Civil 3D
Essentials training is available for the Civil 3D product. Course materials can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Project Setup
After Essentials Training, we work with your design team on the proper setup of a template that includes styles, layers and libraries that are critical to a successful implementation.

Specialized Training
PacifiCAD offers specialized training on project-specific topics to further educate customers on how to be efficient and productive with new software.

Collaborative Workshops
Teams involving civil engineers, designers, drafters, and/or survey professionals will meet to collaborate and understand the procedures for working together in Civil 3D.

On-The-Job Mentoring
PacifiCAD strongly advocates scheduling regular, onsite or online mentoring with a PacifiCAD technical consultant. This mentoring process is a unique and proven process for success.

Reviews & Project Tracking
The final step involves PacifiCAD conducting periodic reviews, tracking a project’s progress and conducting a final review at the completion of a project. Ongoing assessment is critical to ensure the success of your Civil 3D implementation.