Revit Customization

Project Templates
Project templates are where you define a myriad of settings that control the look and feel of your drawings. Beyond merely containing a drawing format, this is the place where you define your sheet naming and number conventions, implement your CAD standards, set revit-arch1up defaults for levels, select the fields to display for all your schedules, and map materials to your keynoting database. A well developed set of templates can save you hours of time on each project, and PacifiCAD can work with you to get the maximum benefit from them.

All elements in are “family based.” These can be either 3D elements like walls, doors, windows, windows, and fixtures of all types or they can be 2D elements like details and titleblocks. Families can defined with variable dimensions, 2D and 3D representations, multiple levels of detail, shape handles so they can be edited graphically, cut behaviors for sectioning, hyperlinks, and so forth. Additionally, subcategories of families can be created that control the line weight, line color, and line pattern for a family for a given application. Also, you can create type catalogs for your families to assist you in selecting custom families and their members. PacifiCAD can teach you how to develop your own customized families and catalogs on your own, or we can build them for you.

Import/Export Mapping Files
To facilitate exchanging data with AutoCAD-based applications, Revit lets you define a mapping file that controls how Revit categories and subcategories get mapped to AutoCAD layers. PacifiCAD can you help develop this capability to streamline your workflow as you pass data between these applications.

Materials, Object Styles, & Hatch Patterns
These items all control the look and feel of your rendered models and construction documents. PacifiCAD can help you create new material definitions for you projects, and update develop new object styles so the construction documents you create in Revit match your existing CAD standards

AutoCAD to Revit Migration
If your company is like most, you already have an extensive library of AutoCAD blocks and details. These assets can be utilized by Revit by importing them and converting them into Families. In addition, PacifiCAD can help you implement your existing AutoCAD-based standards in Revit by customizing your templates and creating subcategories for your families that conform to those standards.