Civil 3D 1Day Workshops

civil-workshops-imageOur Civil 3D 1 Day Online Workshops are a great way to get focused training on the topics you need to become more productive in. 1Day Workshops are on a per request basis.

PacifiCAD 1 Day Online Workshops are competitively priced, 8 hour training courses on very specific topics.

Custom Civil 3D:  Request Training
  • Setup a custom class tailored to your line of work
  • Setup styles conforming to your existing standards
  • Cover issues regarding working with vault and Civil 3D
Civil 3D Update: Request Training
  • Introduction to the new features of AutoCAD Civil 3D 2011 or 2012.
  • Learn about updates to the interface, labeling improvements, automated survey line work, alignment offsets and widening, profile object projection, intersection creation commands, corridor regions, quantity takeoff manager and other tips and tricks to increase productivity when using Civil 3D
  • Prerequisite: Civil 3D Fundamentals.
Course Outline
Civil 3D for Surveyors: Request Training
  • Recommended for surveying professionals
  • Civil 3D to complete projects from field to finish.
  • The course emphasizes Civil 3D basics with the addition of survey tool space commands.
Course Outline
Civil 3D Style Creation Class: Request Training
  • This course is recommended for Cad Managers
  • Learn about configuring Civil 3D styles to suit company standards. We encourage you to bring samples
  • Customize company standards and learn the process of creating and modifying styles
Civil 3D Advanced Corridor Modeling: Request Training
  • Understanding and manipulating styles related to alignment settings, corridors, editing and labeling tools.
  • Intersection commands. Corridor assemblies and subassemblies, including generic assemblies such as mark point, corridor surfaces, vertical and horizontal transitioning, intersection tools, volume computations, advanced section creation, labeling and editing
Civil 3D Advanced Grading: Request Training
  • Recommended for engineers and designers that are experienced in Civil 3D
  • Learn advanced features of grading, and examples go into more detail about creating finished grade models.
  • Grading tools including sites, feature lines, customization to quickly access feature line editing commands, practical applications of all feature line editing commands and creating feature lines from profiles.
Civil 3D Advanced Pipe Modeling and Analysis: Request Training
  • Advanced pipe modeling and Hydraflow Storm Sewers to analyze the design.
  • Covers setup and layout of Civil 3D pipe networks to export to Hydraflow Storm Sewers and analyze the pipe network in Hydraflow.
  • Covers using the Hydroflow Express for quick calculations of isolated hydraulic and hydrological problems.
Map Essentials: Request Training
  • GIS data access and management
  • Enhanced style tools
  • Industry data models
  • Analytic capabilities