Manufacturing & Product Design 1Day Workshops

1 Day Training Workshops for ManufacturingOur Manufacturing and Product Design 1Day Workshops are a great way to get focused training on the topics you need to become more productive in.  PacifiCAD 1Day Workshops are competitively priced, 8 hour training courses on very specific topics.  

Sheetmetal & CAD-to-CNC Methodology:  Request Training
  • Parts of uniform thickness fabricated from a sheet of material, often containing bends, holes, slots, & flanges
  • Machined parts fabricated from lathes, routers, mills, cutting tables, and other computer numerical control (CNC) equipment
  • Best practices for 2D/3D CAD files to CNC integration
Inventor Fusion: Request Training
  • Provides direct modeling capabilities for rapid design changes with free-form organic modeling techniques
  • Import models from all other CAD packages, including SolidWorks & Pro/Engineer
  • Edit and convert all models into intelligent models by using Feature Recognition to build a feature tree
Frame Generator: Request Training
  • Create structural-shape frame assemblies using skeletal or traditional modeling techniques
  • Create custom profiles for extruded shapes
  • Learn how to quickly cope pipe, miter angles, & trim frame components with minimal mouse clicks
iLogic: Request Training
  • Enable rules-driven design, providing a simple way to create configurations, standards, automatation, and re-use of designs
  • Does not require any programming skills
iParts, iAssemblies, & iFeatures: Request Training
  • Create "factories" that generate configurations of parts, assemblies, and constantly-used features
  • Learn how to edit Inventor configuration tables using Microsoft Excel
2D Legacy to 3D Inventor: Request Training
  • Quickly convert old 2D legacy data into the 3D Inventor data
  • Build Inventor assemblies quickly using AutoCAD blocks without having to redraw 2D sketch data
Styles & Template Creation: Request Training
  • Setup company standards and definitions
  • Create drawing templates for consistent CAD output
Essential Modeling: Request Training
  • How to go from conceptual visualization to 3D model prototype
  • Learn the how-to's of efficient modeling techniques
  • No prior CAD skills or knowledge required
Essential Assembly: Request Training
  • Learn how to take existing 3D models and collect them quickly & efficiently into sub-assemblies and assemblies
  • Discover best-practices for assembly creation based on design-intent
Advanced Assembly: Request Training
  • Take assembly design-intent further with top-down versus bottom-up creation, apply motion with collision-detection to assemblies
  • Learn how to quickly assemble components using iMates & bolted connections
  • Create weldments and their attached symbols
Tube & Pipe - Routed Systems: Request Training
  • Use design tools for routing rigid pipes, bent tubes, & flexible hoses to assemblies
  • Discover how to save hours of traditional modeling & assembly techniques by using the content library, styles, & auto-route creation
Cable & Harness: Request Training
  • Create & manipulate 3D wire harnesses
  • Insert wires, cables, splices, connectors
  • Generate wire reports
  • Import AutoCAD Electrical wire lists
Factory Design Suite Essentials: Request Training
  • Create 3D visual layouts of the factory floor, including machining lines & complete manufacturing facilities
  • Generate the 2D top-down view instantly with one-click DWG creation
  • Take 2D legacy layouts into the 3D world with one-click auto-place 3D assets
  • Analyze layouts for material flow efficiency
  • Use the included factory content library to start & finish your layouts quickly while avoiding time-consuming modeling & assembling
Factory Design Suite Customization (Advanced): Request Training 
  • Publish Assets
  • Modeling & Assembly creation
  • Drawing setup
  • Top-down Assembly techniques
  • Multi-body modeling
Factory Design Suite Advanced: Request Training
  • Create 3D factory assets
  • Take your 3D Inventor Factory into Navisworks, Showcase, & 3D Studio Max
  • Import BIM-ready content from Revit, AutoCAD Architecture, Plant3D, or other CAD packages
Autodesk Showcase: Request Training
  • Create high-value, interactive design reviews, photo-real marketing materials, and sales presentations within minutes
  • Email photos & video fly-throughs to decision makers for review, saving time and money by avoiding pre-approval DWG creation
  • Directly import native 3D CAD models into Showcase
  • Use Showcase's Inventor constraint detection to apply motion to assemblies automatically