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Using LISP to Improve Efficiency

January 20, 2017 This webinar will show a few processes that were significantly improved by creating and using LISP code. CAD Management Consultant Ryan Wunderlich will be showing examples of code and demonstrating how the code improved the efficiency of the design process. Don't miss the opportunity to peek inside the process that PacifiCAD's technical consultants use to make our customers' businesses operate more efficiently every day.


Take Civil Design to the Max: Animating the Civil View in 3ds Max

January 13, 2017 Technical Specialist Nick Turner outlines how to maximize your civil designs in 3ds Max.


Using VSTA Macros to Automate SOLIDWORKS

January 6, 2017 We will be discussing the basics of using VSTA (Visual Basic .NET) to Automate design processes inside SolidWorks. This webinar will cover the basics of programming a macro and show how that can automate your design process.


SOLIDWORKS Drawings: ANSI Class Teaser

December 30, 2016 This webinar is a teaser for the SOLIDWORKS Drawings – ANSI class offered at PacifiCAD. This class teaches you how to make drawings of SOLIDWORKS parts and assemblies. SOLIDWORKS drawings are customizable based on template configurations. These drawings effectively communicate all necessary details from your parts and assembly designs.


Civil 3D Subassemblies: Lesser Known Subassemblies and How to Use Them, Part 1

December 23, 2016 Join Product Specialist Shawn Cox as he begins a new mini-series on lesser known Civil 3D Subassemblies and how to use them – this presentation will focus specifically on offset assemblies and using the MarkPoint Subassembly.


Benjamin Moore Color Suite for Revit

December 16, 2016 In this webinar, Technical Specialist Troy Hardy will walk you through the extraordinary process of tracking your project from start to finish as you choose paint colors, find product details, and build your specification. Learn how to take your completed Revit model into 3ds Max to photo-realistically visualize your color selections.


Studio Session in Bluebeam

December 9, 2016 Join us for a studio session in Bluebeam. The agenda includes launching a studio session, inviting people to join, collaboration, making markups, and exporting the session report. You'll be impressed by the arsenal of tools available to you in the versatile software.


Conditional Assemblies in Civil 3D 2017

December 2, 2016 Presented by Technical Specialist Craig Batchelor, this webinar will look at the often overlooked conditional assemblies that enable you to apply different subassemblies depending on the cut or fill condition at a given station. You will learn how conditional assemblies enable you to reduce the number of corridor regions to be used, and with the “if” conditions built in, can automatically access where conditions like walls might start. We will also discuss how you can control the height of a wall with a wall profile for the design, as well as look into a condition that can place driveways through ditches.


AutoCAD Sheet Set Manager

November 18, 2016 Please join us as we take an in depth look at the AutoCAD Sheet Set Manager. What does it do? How does it do it? And how can I best leverage it in my everyday work flows?


Introduction to Parts, Assemblies, and Drawings in SOLIDWORKS

November 11, 2016 This is a brief introduction to parts, assemblies, and drawings in Solidworks. We will use basic tools in Solidworks to create a couple parts and one assembly. We will then learn how to make mechanical drawings from these parts and assemblies. If there is extra time, we will set up a static simulation of one of the parts that we have made.


Getting Employees Up to Speed

November 4, 2016 In this webinar we will cover the aspects of developing a training plan for CAD Users within your organization. We will discuss Standards, Training Materials, Feedback Loop, and Time Frame. I will also cover the importance of having a project ready to work on when training is finished. We will discuss some strategies on how to make this happen, and how to use other means to follow-up and keep your users up to date.


Design the Ultimate Halloween Maze in InfraWorks and Civil 3D

October 28, 2016 In this seasonal webinar, learn to design and layout the ultimate Halloween maze in Infraworks, animate walking though it, and then import it to Civil 3D.


Improve Your Design Process with Bluebeam Revu

October 24, 2016 This presentation will focus on increasing your efficiency using Bluebeam Revu. We will show you how to use Revu’s batch creation functionality within Revit to streamline 2D and 3D PDF creation. Once the PDFs have been created, we will teach you how to assign responsibilities and keep tabs on project progress while auditing what changes are being made to each revision. Significantly cut down the hours spent on the design review process by leveraging both the power of Bluebeam Revu and Revu’s integrated cloud-based solution, Bluebeam Studio, for real-time collaboration. There are no limits to what you can achieve with Bluebeam Software. 


Basics of Being a CAD Manager

October 21, 2016 In this webinar, we will discuss the basics of being a CAD Manager. We will cover the soft skills, and show what hard skills you should have. We will also discuss the pitfalls and issues that as a CAD manager you will generally see.


New Ways to Use InfraWorks 360

September 30, 2016 Watch as Shawn shows off some of the more recent additions to Infraworks 360, such as Mobility Simulation.


Creating a Software Deployment of Autodesk Products

September 16, 2016 In this webinar we walk through creating a deployment of Autodesk software (this will work with Standalone or Network software) to ensure that the installation on machines within your organization remains the same.


Start to Finish Full Road Design in Civil 3D

September 2, 2016 Learn to design a road in Civil 3D from start to finish. Technical Specialist Nick Turner will include the following topics: Import Points, Create Surface, Set Alignment, Run Profile, Create Assembly, Create Corridor, Create Sections Calculate Cut and Fill Quantities.


Leveraging Basic AutoCAD to Maximize Civil 3D Efficiency

August 19, 2016 In this webinar, Shawn demonstrates a series simple things you can do to be faster and better Civil 3D designers, utilizing basic, but sometimes overlooked or forgotten, AutoCAD commands. Some of these Tips and Tricks are newer, some are older, but all of them are useful and can help you increase your performance, knowledge and speed.


Bluebeam Revu for Government

August 12, 2016 In this webinar, learn how to automate and expedite paper-based workflows utilizing the PDF file format specific to governments and municipalities. The ability to standardize the interface and markup tools allows departments to ease implementation and create a consistent platform, which means taxpayer resources are used more efficiently. Attendees will also learn how to organize documents into navigable drawings sets and distribute to project stakeholders via a hyperlinked document dashboard for facilities and asset management.


How to Use Shape Generator in Inventor

July 29, 2016 This webinar will demonstrate how to use Shape Generator within Autodesk Inventor. PacifiCAD’s Manufacturing Tech, Joseph Honkomp, will walk you through how Shape Generator can cut unnecessary material off of a part while maintaining maximum stiffness. He will demonstrate how to vary parameters and loads within the Shape Generator environment. He will then step through the process of running the tool and interpreting the results. This webinar will display how Inventor’s Shape Generator function can help to shave off unnecessary part matter, saving weight and material costs.


Liberate Revit Data Through "Intelligent Parts" to Drive Company-wide Efficiency

July 26, 2016 The rigid and siloed structure of Autodesk’s Revit data has been a long-time source of frustration for companies in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) space. Revit projects and family data rarely “play nice” with enterprise-wide solutions such as ERP, product lifecycle management (PLM), or even simple document management. While many AEC companies have invested heavily in enterprise solutions, it has proved difficult to seamlessly harmonize with the Revit environment.


Designing a Live, Work and Play Neighborhood in InfraWorks 360

July 15, 2016 In this webinar we will use InfraWorks to design an entire Live, Work, Play Neighborhood. We will design roads, houses, rec centers, mass transit stations, wind turbines, ball fields, offices and solar panels.


Introduction to the Geotechnical Module in Civil 3D with Keynetix

July 12, 2016 The Geotechnical Module has been made available through the subscription program to all AutoCAD Civil 3D users. PacifiCAD brings the creator of the Geotechnical Module, Keynetix, who will show you how quickly you can visualise boreholes in context of your site, create multiple strata surfaces and even generate geotechnical profile views containing borehole log strips all in a few minutes, this is work which would normally take many hours.


What's New in Advance Steel

July 8, 2016 In this webinar Jason talks about this year's improvements to Autodesk Advance Steel. Ensure that you're taking full advantage of all that this latest version has to offer.


The Versatility of Vehicle Tracking

July 1, 2016 Shawn presents on the topic of ‘The Versatility of Autodesk Vehicle Tracking’. See how Autodesk Vehicle Tracking is more versatile than competing products on the market such as Transoft AutoTURN. For instance, Shawn shows just how easy it is to attach additional vehicle libraries to the program, and how we can create custom vehicles according to local or individual specifications.


What's New in Infrastructure

June 24, 2016 Find out what new features and functions can be found in the 2017 version of Autodesk Infrastructure software.


Downloading Your Autodesk Software and Assigning Users

June 17, 2016 Join us to learn all about obtaining and downloading your Autodesk software, as well as managing your account and using the virtual agent. We also address adding users for subscription products.


River and Flood Analysis in Civil 3D

June 10, 2016 In this webinar we go through using the River and Flood Module in Civil 3D - creating cross sections, designating flow scenario’s, and running computation analysis on the river and exporting to HEC-RAS.


What's New in Revit 2017

June 3, 2016 Join us to learn all about the latest and greatest features in Revit 2017. We'll be going over both features that have been upgraded as well as any brand new functionalities.


What's New in Inventor 2017

May 27, 2016 This webinar explores the newest features of Autodesk Inventor 2017. Join us to learn all of the latest news about this multi-functional software.


Traffic Simulation in InfraWorks 360

May 13, 2016 This webinar scratches the surface in traffic simulation techniques using Autodesk InfraWorks 360. Technical specialist Nick Turner analyzes an intersection for traffic flow, then compares the traffic flow at the same intersection as a Roundabout.


What's New in AutoCAD 2017 presented in Bluebeam

May 6, 2016 This webinar looks at changes in the new version of AutoCAD 2017 using Bluebeam in presentation mode and sampling hyperlinks. Explore new features and experience tips and tricks. We will demonstrate the benefits of using Bluebeam PDF software with AutoCAD to complete your day to day business operation.


iParts and iAssemblies within Inventor

April  22, 2016 This webinar will demonstrate how to use iParts and iAssemblies within Autodesk Inventor. PacifiCAD’s Manufacturing Applications Engineer Joseph Honkomp will walk you through how to author an iPart using a basic part file. He will demonstrate how to vary parameters and configurations within the iPart. He will then step through the process of placing iParts into iAssemblies. This webinar will display how Inventor’s iPart and iAssembly features can help to increase productivity and allow for the quick creation of multiple designs based off of a single part.


Vehicle Tracking | Parking Design

April 8, 2016 Autodesk Vehicle Tracking gives users the ability to create and edit parking stalls, including markings, numbering, and ADA compliant stalls and symbols, as well as to view quickly compiled parking stall counts and other information. The process for creating islands is automated, and the process of adding access ways is simple. Watch this short, informative, video presentation and learn how to use this portion of the Autodesk Vehicle Tracking program.


Advance Steel | It's OK to Stair

April 1, 2016 In this webinar we'll be covering Advance Steel's stair and handrail creation tools. We will discuss tread, riser, and stringer selection and editing methods.


Custom Command Macros

March 25, 2016 In this webinar we will cover a light overview of creating custom command macros, and the special characters used in macros. In this webinar we will also be using the action recorder to create, edit, and playback macros.


What's new in Revu 2016

March 11, 2016 The latest and greatest version of Bluebeam Revu is here! Join us for this informative webinar detailing the new features and enhancements included in Revu 2016. Learn how Revu 2016 can help you push the limits of PDF navigation and reporting, and discover the new tools that will help increase efficiency, save time and help you go paperless. This new release shows that there are no limits to what you can achieve with the power of Revu.


Creating Inventor Assemblies

March 4, 2016 In this webinar we will cover creating parts in the assembly file, and place existing components into the assembly. We will also use various constraints to arrange components within the assembly.


Civil 3D 2016 | Culvert Replacements

February 26, 2016 In this webinar will demonstrate key steps on creating a squash pipe culvert replacement. We will look at how to build the culvert using a custom corridor assembly, and how to calculate the earthwork quantities for excavation and rehab of the road. We will also look at how to accurately display the culvert in the profile view.


Project Lifecycle Management: Part 2

February 19, 2016 Practical PLM Webinar Series Part 2 – Creating a “PLM Beachhead” That Drives 80% of the Value with 20% of the Effort
What will I learn in this webinar? 
- Quantitatively diagnose my organization’s strengths and weaknesses as it relates to PLM 
- Identify where to create my “PLM beachhead” with multi-variable PLM value matrices 
- How to apply the Pareto Principle to PLM evaluations and implementations 
- How to incrementally build on small “wins” to create a foundation for enterprise-wide value


3ds Max - Gamma Correction

February 12, 2016 Are your renderings out of Revit (Mental ray) washed-out or faded? Do your textures appear darker and richer in your material editor? In this webinar I will simplify why gamma correction is used and how to properly use/implement this process at your facility. WE WILL USE:• Revit • 3ds Max • Composite


SeaRUG 2016: Revit to 3ds Max

February 10, 2016 Senior Tech, Greg Anderson, presented a webinar on Revit to 3ds Max at SeaRUG 2016. Watch a recording of the presentation here


A Brief History of AutoCAD

February 5, 2016 This webinar is a brief history of AutoCAD. It will show the timeline of the versions, as well as my first version. I will also have some major milestones in the product. I will show how it used to look, and what we used to actually create drawings. I will also show a few screen shots of older versions, pieces of obsolete hardware, and give perspective on where it is today. I also have a few hidden gems in the programming to show you and a quick tip on knowing what version of drawing you have saved.


Advance Steel: Making Connections

January 29, 2016 In this webinar we'll discuss Advance Steel's Connection Vault and how to apply those connections to beams and columns. Time permitting, we'll also look at copying connections and their properties in order to make you more efficient in Advance Steel!


Civil 3D Grading a Skate Park

January 22, 2015 This webinar will show how various grading tools in Civil 3D can be used to create objects that would be found at a skate park. We will look at how to create 1/4 Pipes, 1/2 Pipes, a Bowl, a Snake Run, Pyramid, and Mogul and explore Civil 3D functionalities.


Project Lifecycle Management by vdR Group

January 15, 2016 When most people think about PLM, the last thing that comes to mind is “immediate value.” A recent survey found that 25% of managers responsible for product are hesitant to invest in PLM due to poor previous experiences. And, 70% of companies with dedicated PLM solutions have scraped major portions of the solutions due to either low acceptance or budget overruns.


Vehicle Tracking - Swept Path Analysis

January 8, 2015 For this webinar we will explore Swept Path Analysis in Autodesk Vehicle Tracking. Autodesk’s Vehicle Tracking software is a comprehensive transportation analysis and design solution for vehicle swept path analysis. The software enables engineers, designers, and planners at government agencies and engineering consulting firms to predictably evaluate vehicle movements on transportation or site design projects.


Data Management Options 

December 18, 2015 You have many choices today in how to manage your data.  People often start with windows explorer simply because of its presence.  Some try SharePoint or other version control systems.  But often engineering data becomes more complicated quickly and really needs a system to help manage the data you create.  Two extremely important points are being able to handle any type of file, and the integration levels into the CAD tools your engineering team uses.  Let’s explore the options



Phasing in Autodesk Revit

December 11, 2015 In this webinar we will explore how to setup phases within Revit from Existing to New Construction. We will also navigate between the Architectural, Structural, and MEP disciplines and how to address displaying the proper phases. It will also be important to understand the visibility graphics and setting up the necessary views to display the phases properly.


Autodesk Dynamo Studio

December 4, 2015 Introduction to Dynamo. A brief look at the Dynamo visual scripting application. We will discuss where you can find it, pricing and what Dynamo can do. We will cover the application start up screen, discuss the different ways to start Dynamo and also create a sample script to show the Dynamo interface as well as the interactions between Dynamo and Revit.



The Future of the Autodesk Licensing Model

November 20, 2015 Hear directly from Autodesk about their vision for the future and why they are making changes to their licensing model. Kim Renshaw, Autodesk’s Americas Director of VAR Channel Sales, will address this topic as well as answer some of the commonly asked questions surrounding the move to a Desktop Subscription licensing model.


Revit to 3ds Max

November 6, 2015 Gregory Anderson, Senior Technical Specialist and Intern Architect will be presenting his extensive research and experience via live demonstration of how to turn your Revit models into photo-realistic renderings. He’ll take the guesswork out of how you build a custom workflow and repurpose your Revit models in 3ds Max 2016 and Maya 2016.

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